Leaders book

There are a handful of applications which are able to provide with this particular set of services. The best of the bunch, however, is the Army Leaders iPhone app.
It is designed for various purposes, such as the smart organization of the needed data on each soldier, notification reports for important event, and other sets of useful tools. The Leaders Book app is planned to help both the individual Soldier and the unit leader handle the information that is typically kept in a physical (green) leader’s notebook. This powerful tool comes with a lot of options, as well as a handy leaders book template.

The developer of this useful iPhone app is Jimmy Ho, a former NCO (non-commissioned officer). The Army Leaders Book iPhone app was launched on February 13th. Jimmy Ho is an experienced officer, thus he is well aware of what neglected soldiers are capable. He served for 13 years and was enlisted in the Army Reserve (9 years as an NCO), together with three deployments.
As it was mentioned above, the app helps organize soldier data and offers useful indications to assist officers execute their supervision duties more professionally.  The app is designed for utilization by junior officers and NCOs who are overseeing Soldiers in the US Army.
The app was received very well and the reviews are positive so far. A number of experienced officers expressed their opinion concerning the Army Leader book.
Craig Bedard, SSG, was praising the new tool, saying that it saves him all the trouble of carrying his leadership book, as well as the fact that it is absolutely free.
Matthew Osofsky, first lieutenant and former NCO and Drill Sergeant praised the security options of the application, he said that he was able to recognize immediately the level of qualification of his troops, as well as, understand better who is capable of driving a particular vehicle.
Julia Mulqueen, second lieutenant, said that it is the best leader book that is available online, she went on to say that it gives an incredible amount of information and that it is quite handy. She added that it makes it much easier to keep tabs on her soldiers. Leaders book template is extremely well received, because of its practicality.
Here is a list of features available on Leader Book:

  • flawlessly categorizes Soldier records (therapy dates, APFT scores, and medical outlines)
  • Soldier data is protected by passwords
  • Significant dates can be set for notification alerts, such as birthdays, anniversaries, NCOERs, etc.
  • Key indications included (field manual passages for managing Soldiers, the suicide prevention special ACE (Ask your buddy, Care for your buddy, Escort your buddy) card, treatment for heat injuries, private helpline number for sexual attack victims, etc.)
  • keeping track of weapon skills and motor vehicle licensing
  • There is no internet connection needed, in order to operate the Army Leaders Book
  • The ability to export your Soldier information using PDF to put into your hardcopy folder
  • Be connected with the main events such as forthcoming evaluations due, ETS, schools, etc.

There is no better help than the Army Leaders Book iPhone app for officers, in order to manage their soldiers. Its developer is a former NCO and a professional software designer. He made it especially for junior officers and non-commissioned officers. It represents the best way for the leader to organize his Soldier data. It is every officer’s digital “green book.”
The Leaders book is absolutely free to download, there is the possibility to upgrade the app, this upgrade will enable the option for more than four soldiers. Before committing, you should try the free version to check all of its services and features.

Even in the field or deployed, this application won’t require Internet access for most features. It is guaranteed to remain functional at all times.
The entire important soldier data is password protected, the safety measures won’t be breached.